Ernest Griest Knight, British, 1915-1995

Oil on Canvas, 41x51cm

Janet Nathan, British born 1938, 30x24cm.

Janet Nathan, British, Born 1938

Oli on Canvas, 30x24cm


Joyce Parfitt, British born 1939 oil on board 20x24cm

Joyce Parfitt, British, Born 1939

Oil on Board,  20x24cm

Harry Edward Busby British 1919-1984 oil on board 21x29cm

Harry Edward Busby, British 1919-1984

Oil on Board,  21x29cm


Blanche Jenkins British 1872-1915, oil on canvas 77x59cm

Blanche Jenkins, British 1872-1915

Oil on Canvas, 77x59cm

Samuel Willian Clutten British act 1904-1921 oil on canvas 50x40cm

Samuel William Clutten, British, Active 1904-1921

Oil on Canvas 50x40cm


Ian Humphreys, British b.1956 31.5x50.5cm

Ian Humphreys, British, Born 1956.

Oil on Paper, 31x50cm

Jane Ferguson, British American, 20th C Watercolour 1978 29x44cm

Jane Ferguson, British-American, 20th Century

Watercolour, 1978, 29x44cm

Terrance Warren, British, born 1948, screenprint numbered 1 of 1

Terrance Warren, British, Born 1948

Screen Print on Paper, Numbered 1 of 1

Ricardo Macarron Jaime

Ricardo Macarron Jaime 1926-2004, Spanish


Youri Balikov (2)

Youri Balikov, Born Ukraine 1924

Style of Jacob van Hulsdonck

Style of Jacob van Hulsdonck, 20th century

Ming bowl with carnation,cherries and wild strawberries, Oil on Panel, 30×41.5cm

Roger Kemble Furse

Roger Kemble Furse, British 1903-1972

Untitled abstract, Oil on Canvas, bears stamp on the reverse, 36×61.5cm


Alfred Fontville de Breanski

Alfred Fontville de Breanski, British 1877-1957

The Stour at Canterbury, Oil on Canvas, signed, signed  37.5x46cm

Renny Tait, British, born 1965

Renny Tait, British, Born 1965


Oil on Canvas, signed, titled, dated 1990,  198x251cm



Vitaly Baranenko, Born Ukraine 1965

Oil on Canvas, 35x44cm, Framed.

Widgery, Frederick John

Frederick John Widgery British 1861-1942

Gouache, Coast near Perran Cornwall.Signed , 39x100cm. Framed

F.J. Widgery was born in Exeter in May 1861, the younger son of the artist William Widgery.  His work was very successful during his own lifetime and his reputation spread as his paintings were taken to America, Australia and other parts of Europe. He is celebrated for his evocations of the landscapes of Cornwall and of Devon, where Dartmoor was a favourite subject. He died on January 27th 1942, at the age of 81. His initials became incorporated in the car registration numbers for Exeter.

Peter Nutall

Peter Nuttall, British, Born 1943

Bird in Flight  
Watercolour, Chalk  and Pencil on Paper, 13 x 14 inches

Peter Nuttall was a student of Elisabeth Frink’s in the Sculpture School at Maidstone College of Art. George Steiner writes of the artist: “There are some obvious things to be said about the very personal art of Peter Nuttall. It is related to Surrealism, to the lucid inner landscapes and echoing cities of de Chirico. It is also a baroque art in the proper sense, the monumental line holding – but just holding – under pressure of tensed, exuberant form. [...] He is attempting to give to the human body the taut repose of rock and burnt earth” (G. Steiner in Peter Nuttall: Paintings , Fieldbourne Galleries, London (exhibition catalogue), 1972).

A Laure Jessop

Laure Jessop, British, Mid Century

Oil on Board, 35 x 91 cm

Price on Application


Francis E Jamieson, British, 1895-1950

Scottish Highlands, Oil on Canvas, 49.5 x 75cm, Signed, Framed. One of a pair identically framed.



Francis E Jamieson, British, 1895-1950

Scottish Highlands, Oil on Canvas, 49.5 x 75cm Signed, Framed


Parsons Norman

George Parsons Norman (1840-1914)

Manner of Bartolome Esteban Murillo

Spanish 18th century

Manner of Bartolome Esteban Murillo, Mother and Child, Oil on Canvas,  30x24cm


Claude Muncaster, British early 20th Century Pen and Ink Drawing

Claude Graham Muncaster RWS, ROI, RBA, British 1903-1974

Drawing Pen and Ink on Paper


English School late 19th Century Trompe l'oeil

English School, Late 19th Century

Trompe l’Oeil, Oil on Round Board



Ken Moroney

Kenneth Moroney, British of Irish Ancestry, Born 1949

Figures on a Beach, Oil on Canvas, Signed 34 x 35cm Framed


Henry Stacey Marks RA RWS, British 1829-1898- Study of a man standing full-length

Henry Stacey Marks RA, RWS, British 1829-1898

Drawing on Paper

Peter Archer

Peter Archer, British, Born1946

Slate and Twig,  Oil on Canvas, Initialled, Titled and Dated 1992-95,  40x35cm



Spanish Seascape 20th C

Spanish School, 20th Century

Seascape, Oil on Canvas, 30x120cm


James Maconochie

James Maconochie, British 20th Century

Cricket on Storm Beach,  Oil on Canvas, Signed and Titled, 104x104cm


Modern 1

Mark Maxwell, British, Born 1966

Oil on Canvas on Board, Signed, Titled and Dated 2005  100x100cm



Bill Pike

William Sidney Pike, British, Born 1948

Skookumchuk Rapids, Oil on Canvas, Signed, Titled and Dated 1981, 102x168cm



Bill Pike 2

William Sidney Pike, British, Born 1948

Skookumchuk Rapids,  Oil on Canvas, Signed and Dated 1979, 99×147.5cm



John Eatwell

John Eatwell, British, Born 1929

Oil on Canvas, Signed 127x102cm


Alexandra Leadbeater

Alexandra Leadbeater, British, 20th-21st Century

Hanging Pan, Oil on Hessian on Board, 76×56.5cm


Coastal landscape with windswept trees

British School, Mid Century

Coastal Landscape with Windswept Trees,  Watercolour, 39×53.5cm



French School, Mid Century

Cameras, Oil on Board, 40 x 60cm



Portrait of a cardinal late 19th C.

British School, Late 19th Century

Portrait of a Cardinal  Watercolour, signed with monogram ‘TM’, 29x22cm



Sacha Newley

Sacha Newley, American/British, Born 1965

Self Portrait with Feet on the Ground  Oil on Canvas, signed and dated ’01, 91x46cm

Price on Application

William Langley

William Langley, British 1852-1922

Coastal Landscape, Oil on Canvas, signed, 41x61cm